A responsible renewable energy partner committed to land stewardship

We partner with landowners, best-in-class developers, EPCs, utilities, municipalities, and C&I customers to power the clean energy transition.

Realize the full potential of your land with a partner committed to preserving it for generations to come.

We approach every project through the lens of the landowner.

We understand the conflict between lost revenue from land and its sentimental value, and empathize with the tough spot it puts landowners. Our solution is to help you maintain the legacy, and control, of your land while generating new revenue streams through renewable energy.


Hosting Renewables on Your Land

How it Works

Step 1.

Site review and lease negotiation

This initial stage entails identifying what use your land is viable for, followed by lease negotiations.
Step 2.


We perform site-specific due diligence to ensure that your land is zoning approved and has the appropriate permits. At this stage, you will begin receiving rent payments and can continue using your land.
Step 3.


Whether we’re constructing solar arrays, battery storage, or wind turbines, we do so in a way that allows for seamless land restoration at the end of the project.
Step 4.

Energy operations

During this time renewable energy is generated and made available to your local community, usually over the course of 20-30 years, while creating passive income for you and your family.
Step 5.


At the completion of the project, all materials are removed from the land and it’s restored to its original state.


Grow faster with the funding and expertise you need on your next renewable energy project.

We believe we can go further together. That’s why we partner with like-minded developers to bring more clean energy to more communities across the continental U.S.


We provide the upfront capital and financial support to get otherwise stagnant renewable projects up and running.


We share our institutional knowledge with other developers to help navigate complex development projects.


We provide added bandwidth to smaller developers looking to engage in larger projects.


From initial land siting to energy generation and through to decommission, it takes multiple entities to establish, develop, and maintain renewable energy projects – and we work with them all.

C&I Offtakers

Achieve your ESG goals with renewables and a trusted partner.


Find your next high-value LMI project that works towards energy equity.


Subscribe to clean, renewable energy
that’s sourced locally and gives back to
your community.


Secure a customer who will help you be profitable while supporting underserved communities.

As a Landowner, the most important thing when dealing with a company is the open communication and understanding of the process and direction of the program. From the first time meeting with Freestone it was clear that I was dealing with outstanding individuals that had a vision to better the way that business was to be done. With the addition of renewable resources and the desire to think outside of the box, so to speak, Freestone has become the company that I am proud to have on our property doing business.”

Shaun Musselman, Hardy Ranch and Enterprises, Douglas, Wyoming

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