A responsible energy transition

We are a renewable energy developer focused on solar, energy storage, and wind. As a privately owned, well-funded entity, we find ourselves in a unique position to accelerate clean energy adoption across the nation.

We work with landowners, local communities, and development partners to push the needle on sustainability.

Funding the clean energy transition

Freestone Renewables is proud to have partnered with Apollo Global Management as an equity investor. Apollo is a high-growth, global alternative asset manager.

In Apollo’s asset management business, they seek to provide their clients excess return at every point along the risk-reward spectrum from investment grade to private equity with a focus on three investing strategies: yield, hybrid, and equity. For more than three decades, Apollo’s investing expertise across their fully integrated platform has served the financial return needs of their clients and provided businesses with innovative capital solutions for growth.
Through Athene, Apollo’s retirement services business, Apollo specializes in helping clients achieve financial security by providing a suite of retirement savings products and acting as a solutions provider to institutions. Apollo’s patient, creative, and knowledgeable approach to investing aligns their clients, businesses they invest in, their employees, and the communities they impact, to expand opportunity and achieve positive outcomes. As of June 30, 2022, Apollo had approximately $515 billion of assets under management.

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Our story

Back in 2013, what is now the Freestone team, started working together. In 2018, we founded Freestone Midstream – an integrated water solutions company – focused on building out the water infrastructure used by the onshore US energy industry. And yes, we mean oil and gas companies.

While we knew it wasn’t possible or practical to switch to renewables overnight, that didn’t mean we couldn’t make energy production as sustainable as possible.

Our goal at Freestone Midstream was to optimize efficiencies to reduce truck traffic and environmental impacts associated with overabundance of water used in energy extraction. We took dirty wastewater and treated it so that it could be reused onsite, opposed to pulling more water from nearby rivers.

From the beginning, we’ve been committed to using our cumulative expertise to find innovative solutions to reducing waste and the strain the energy sector puts on our natural resources. In 2020, recognizing that renewable energy, including solar, energy storage, and wind, was finally gaining the momentum it needed, we formed Freestone Renewables.

Today, as experts in early stage energy development, we pride ourselves on applying our skills to help landowners secure stable income on properties for generations to come. Our partners are our #1 priority and our ability to stay nimble ensures their expectations are always met. While we may be a small team, we’re not afraid to take on projects that larger shops won’t touch. And we’re just getting started.

With a combined 30+ years of experience in renewables and energy development, our team is committed and driven to making the renewable energy transition happen even faster.

Our Team

In addition to the financial support we provide to bring renewable energy projects to life, we also employ hard earned expertise from decades spent building successful businesses in the energy sector.

With staff and offices in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, California, Florida, and New York, and projects that span the country, we have unique insight into the nuances of different markets and the expertise to address them.

Ryan Hutcherson | CEO

Ryan has more than 11 years of water midstream experience and is an expert in water treatment methods. He has designed and built water facilities throughout the Rockies and West Texas, and has worked closely with various E&P companies on water management strategies.

Currently, Ryan serves as the CEO of both Freestone Midstream and Freestone Renewables. At Freestone Renewables, Ryan leads a team of experienced early-stage developers and originators to advance energy transition efforts across the US. Prior to Freestone, Ryan served as COO at Concord Produced Water Services, where he was responsible for heading up all aspects of the water division, including water sourcing, gathering, treatment, disposal and logistics.

Ryan holds a MS in Environmental Engineering from Colorado State University and a BS in Mathematics from NC Wesleyan College.

Cory Abbott | CFO

Jamal Batar | VP of Development

Amol Kapur | Managing Director, Originations

Caroline Hansen | Land Manager

Ron Dart | Controller


Join a dynamic team of clean energy professionals

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Prior to joining Freestone in 2019, I worked with Cory and Ryan for five years at a different energy company and have a lot of professional respect for both of them. What I appreciate most about working here is the trust instilled in each of us and feeling empowered to bring creative solutions to the table and contribute to the company's direction and growth. I also take a great deal of pride in working for a company that wants to do right by not just its employees, but the environment and the landowners we partner with, too.”

Ron Dart, Controller, Freestone Renewables

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