Landowner FAQ

If you’re a landowner interested in putting a renewable energy project on your land, you probably have some questions. We’re here to answer them.

Energy sources

How much land do you need for a renewable project?

Solar: We typically look for 25 acres for a 5MW Community Solar project. For a 100MW utility scale project, around 200 acres are needed.

Energy storage: The most common energy storage devices are similar in size to shipping containers – roughly 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall. We typically look for a space that can accommodate five containers, which equals roughly 15,000 square feet.

Is my land suitable for a solar farm?

If your land is 30 acres or greater, adjacent to three-phase power, and is more or less "flat" land, then yes the land is likely suitable for solar.

How much noise will the solar array make?

The solar panels themselves will not make any noise. There will be some noise generated by the ancillary equipment such as the transformers and inverters, however this noise level is low enough that your neighbors will not be able to hear it.

Can I use my land for other things?

Yes, you can continue primary agricultural activities on the land that is co-located with solar. This concept is known as dual-use solar or agrivoltaics.

Is the landowner responsible for renewable energy project maintenance?

No, all operation and maintenance will be the responsibility of Freestone Renewables.


How long does the typical solar project take to develop?

A community solar project will take a maximum of two years to develop while a utility scale project can take two to four years to develop.

How long will a solar project stay on my land?

This timeline aligns with the lifespan of the solar array, which is approximately 25 years.


Will there be any upfront costs for me to consider with a renewable energy project on my land?

There are zero upfront costs to the landowner. Find out how to earn a lease signing bonus by contacting Freestone Renewables today.

How much income can I anticipate hosting a renewable energy project?

Lease rates will provide long term annual payments to the landowner for upwards of 25 years. The actual lease payment will vary in each state and on specific site and project details. Please contact the Freestone Renewables team to start the site assessment process today.

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