Responsible and accessible renewable energy development

We partner with landowners to drive the clean energy transition through solar, energy storage, and wind.

Reduce your carbon footprint with renewable energy.


A low-cost, carbon-free daytime source of energy, solar can reduce energy costs for a wide range of energy consumers, including lower and middle income communities.

Applications include:

  • Community solar
  • Utility scale


Cost-effective and inexhaustible in nature, wind energy also has a low impact on land and works well in remote locations.


With the ability to store and dispatch energy on demand, storage solutions reduce strain on the grid, maximize renewable consumption, and improve resiliency in communities.


We offer end-to-end renewable energy services.


We work with landowners and industry partners to bring renewable projects to life. Initial services we provide include:

  • Property sourcing
  • Due diligence
  • Permitting


We collaborate with best-in-class developers, EPCs, local governments, and C&I customers to deliver the multiple benefits of renewables to communities across the nation.


We partner with like-minded developers to bring more clean energy to more communities across the continental U.S. We provide:

  • Funding
  • Expertise
  • Bandwidth

As a Landowner, the most important thing when dealing with a company is the open communication and understanding of the process and direction of the program. From the first time meeting, with Freestone, it was clear that I was dealing with outstanding individuals that had a vision to better the way that business was to be done. With the addition of renewable resources and the desire to think outside of the box, so to speak, Freestone has become the company that I am proud to have on our property doing business.”

Shaun Musselman, Hardy Ranch and Enterprises, Douglas, Wyoming

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